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We believe when it comes to bidet comfort, our website will ensure the one you pick is the one you are left satisfied from behind.

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Buying a bidet or toilet can be pleasant if the consumer’s questions are answered fully! From toilet compatibility to consumer needs we are happy to answer any questions!

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I want to protect my customers in a sense that their money stays in Canada, unless the product is a special order most items are shipped within Canada

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We pride ourselves being the #1 Canadian store for pricing and helping our customers meet their personal hygiene needs

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Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.

Excellent product, fast delivery. It leaves you feeling so clean, should have got one years ago. The company is super to deal with. I had a problem with ordering the wrong seat, that was my own fault. Emailed them and they took care of it right away. Quick response to my emails, and they sent a new one right away. At no cost to me. Wow is all I can say! if your thinking about purchasing a bidet this is the company to go with.



I wanted to say that I was very impressed with how quickly my bidet came. I managed to install it myself, which is not bad for a 60 year old woman. It works very well, and recommend it highly. My late husband had ALS, and it was instrumental in keeping his bowels regular, and skin intact. I am also a retired nurse, and know how important good hygiene is for a wheelchair bound person. In 5 years, of being totally paralyzed, he did not once get a bed sore, and I know it was because of the bidet, and how it kept him clean. It also helped to keep his dignity, as having someone else wipe your bottom, after a bowel movement can be quite, degrading.


Introducing VOVO

Korea leading brand for state of the art bidet technology. We are Canada's first supplier of their finest product lines!

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